Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elimination Diet, Day 2

When I got up this morning, I surprisingly wasn't hungry at all, which is weird for me because I'm the kind of person that is overcome with the sensation of hunger the minute I become vertical.
Could it be my body adjusting to the purity of my diet? Who knows. So I made myself a cup of yerba mate tea, and by the time I had finished the hunger rolled in. I ate a few pieces of melon and the hunger went away.
A couple of hours later, my boyfriend made himself coffee, eggs and toast. I tried my hardest to ignore the delicious smells and made myself a breakfast smoothie consisting of almond milk, almond butter, maca, blueberries, flax seed, fresh mint, and agave. It was perfect - creamy, sweet, thick, and satisfying.... and somehow, managed to keep me full for hours.
So full I had to take a nap. I think I need to cut down on my portion sizes even more... it really didn't seem like that much. Whatever.
Later, lunch was leftover veggies from last night which I heated and combined with a little bit of brown rice and some aduki beans, and I made the biggest mistake ever: I watched Julie & Julia. One of my favorite movies, but I forgot that every time I watch it all I want to do is eat butter, chocolate cream pie, and whisk things. So of course now all I could thing about was fattening french food made with butter... drool. Still thinking about it. Yup.
I tried to overcome my cravings by going into a cleaning frenzy. I tackled the kitchen, the living room, then the bedroom, and... well, you get the idea.
I had some dried seaweed as a snack and carried on with the day.
I had a slight headache, but nothing really crazy... I guess all that is going to come with the actual cleanse part. yikes.
Dinner was baked halibut with a delicious broccoli raab pesto that I made just with the broccoli raab, walnuts, garlic, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Plus a side of steamed zucchini. It was wonderful, but now all I want is sugar sugar sugar. I must have been in extreme denial, I didn't realize that I was THIS addicted to sugar. It doesn't help that the boyfriend is eating chocolate on the next couch over.
I think it's time to buy some carob and brown rice syrup. Or something.

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