Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 8

I have now officially completed the first day of the second week of the clean program. I have to say, this is one of the most fun and delicious cleanses I have ever done. I wasn't so sure about it at first... 21 days seemed like a lifetime when I was starting day 1. But now at day 8, I see how the 21 days can breeze by... I can almost see myself being sad when they are over. This could be the beginning of a permanent change of lifestyle for me. I can already see how easy it could be to incorporate the "clean" principles into every day life. There is also tons of community support at, as well as so many fun recipes that I'm dying to try.
Today has probably been the best day so far, except for right now I'm feeling a pretty bloated. I had my evening shake, and I haven't eaten anything else out of the ordinary, except for pineapple, but I can't imagine pineapple making me bloated.
I have also been VERY good about taking all of the supplements. I'm not sure if I mentioned yet that there are two versions of this cleanse. There is the one where follow the book, and one where you purchase the kit. I'm doing the kit version, because I like anything that makes my life easier, and the kit does just that. It is super user friendly and gives me the freedom to only have to think about what's for lunch.. and includes all the supplements that I am supposed to take. Apparently, the supplements are one of the most important components to this cleanse. The shakes are tasting so much better to me now then when I first started. I love that I can get creative and add different things to the shakes as well. Tonight, for instance, I had some blueberries and a little bit of peach, almond milk, spinach, and stevia to make it a bit sweeter.
I have noticed my skin complexion is evening out a little more, my eyes are brighter, and the darkness under my eyes is fading. I even opted not to wear any makeup today. I think I may have lost a little bit of weight as well.
My cravings for foods not allowed in the program have almost completely dissipated (not counting the occasional longing for corn chips and salsa... weird craving)I made my boyfriend eggs and pancakes this morning and did not even desire to take a tiny little bite. That is so rare and weird, since eggs were probably the hardest thing for me to give up.
Today's lunch was bok choy sauteed in EVOO with quinoa and kindey beans. Snacks were a spoonful of almond butter, and later some pineapple. To me that sounds so minimal, I'm one of those people that eats pretty much throughout the whole day, but honestly, it was more then enough. Also, a few cups of green tea were consumed throughout the day. I used to never be a fan of green tea, I have to admit. It was always too dry or bitter and made me slightly nauseous, but lately it's really grown on me. In other news, hollywood's hottest days seem to be taking a slight break, and oh man am I grateful. There is nothing worse then being cranky from detox and overheated. Hopefully though the crankyness has disappeared for good... only time can tell...
As for now, my happiness level is off the charts. I'm ecstatic for no good reason other than simply being alive. It's fun. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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