Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 4

Wow. If there ever was a day to represent feeling crazy, today would be the one.
PMS + Detox + insane heat = Crazy me.
Morning time was nice, though I woke up at 4am and couldn't sleep until 6am, and then I slept until 9am. After going to bed early last night, I ended up feeling as though I had overslept. Head fuzz. Detox symptom? Not sure.
I don't think i've lost any weight yet, though I do feel like I have less water retention. I'm also breaking out a little bit which is sometimes a detox symptom.
The smoothie was so delicious this morning - I put a some stevia in it. It tasted like a nice cool breakfast dessert meal that was incredibly satisfying. Kind of like how hot pancakes with maple syrup would make you feel on a cold day when it's raining outside, this was the lovelyness of my morning shake.
And I was full.
This was the best part of my whole day... from here on out, it started getting ugly.
The boyfriend came home and when he is feeling agitated from heat and I am feeling emotional/agitated from heat, nothing good comes of it.
But, we had errands to do, and so we did. Farmer's market for some local fresh produce for me (red cabbage, kale, avocados, lettuce, and bok choy for me, fresh organic farm eggs for him)
Then was kinkos for some printing job that my printer has just been refusing to do, then Trader Joe's where I got almond milk, tuna for my cat, chicken for my dogs, organic persian cucumbers, and dishwashing soap.
We went home and by this time I was hungry for lunch and feeling faint, hot, headachy and gross. I made a salad with lettuce, kidney beans, some quinoa sprinkled in, and cucumbers. So good and refreshing. I instantly felt better as soon as I ate this. It was then time to go to the gym.
I did not have as much energy as I would have liked to have. I felt weak, and normally when I can use 10 lb weights I had to use 8 lbs and it was hard. I could barely make it through cardio. I was absolutely drained. Maybe next time i'll try adding more protein powder to my morning smoothie, or eating more carbs right before the workout. Then was home, where someone came to pick up the armoire I put on craigslist, and I made kale crisps inspired by Neeta from
They were wonderful and satisfying.
Then was some craziness. We had to put together a futon, move an insanely large armchair through doorways that it did not want to fit through, and move lots of things around. Yes, i'm redecorating... or trying to anyway.
I am constantly thirsty and I have a constant headache. I had my evening shake which went down really fast and left me wanting more.
I don't know how our relationship is going to survive this heat wave.

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