Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And so, it begins (sort of)

I'd like to think of myself as a somewhat healthy person. By healthy, I mean, i'm a vegetarian, (sort of) I eat organic, (most of the time) I avoid refined sugars, (sometimes) and I get most of my daily nutrients from an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables (boy, I wish).
Okay, so maybe I'm not as healthy as I would like to think that I am.

A few weeks ago while trail running, I took a really bad fall and sprained my ankle - badly. I've therefore been confined to a prison of my Hollywood apartment (with a very steep and narrow staircase being the only exit, hence, prison) accompanied by my crutches, two dogs, a cat, and a boyfriend. This has left me with a whole lot of time to think and research, but very little time (ability, actually) to exercise.

Trust me, I've done my fair share of fad diets and cleanses (Atkins, South Beach, Raw food detox, juice fasts, and The Master Cleanse, to name a few) and what they all had in common is that none of them were sustainable. My goal in them was always same - lose weight, look great, feel great. The weight always came off, but as soon as I would stop, it would come back on just as quickly. Or in some cases, I just couldn't live my day to day life while on the cleanse.
However, now my reasons for needing a cleanse are a bit different. Sure, I would love to lose a few extra pounds, but mainly, I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I've been fatigued, dealing with a crazy sprained ankle that is taking FOREVER to heal, having lots of headaches, bloating, etc. In short, I'm not in touch with my body, and therefore, myself.
That is why when I heard about The Clean Program by Dr. Alejandro Junger, I knew that I HAD to give this one a try. http://www.cleanprogram.com/
From what i've learned, it is primarily not a weight loss cleanse, but if you need to, you will probably lose some excess weight. It's all about nourishing your body and healing it from the inside out.
The Clean Program is a combination of 2 smoothies and 1 meal per day, including snacks and supplements. Sounds amazing. Supposedly, you don't go hungry. And, it's hot celebrity endorsed. Yipee!
So I ordered my cleansing kit today and it should be here within two days! Before starting the cleanse, however, you are supposed to do a 3-5 day elimination diet, where you only eat certain types of food and eliminate things like coffee, alcohol, chocolate, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, eggs, etc. It's supposed to make the transition into the full on cleanse a smoother one.
So in order to honor the program and give it my all, I drank my last cup of coffee this morning and ate my last piece of dark chocolate just before writing this. I will be starting the elimination diet tomorrow, and then, the cleanse.
Did I mention it's a 5 day elimination diet followed by a 21 day cleanse?
.....What have I gotten myself into?


  1. All the best for your Cleanse, I'm definitely going to follow your journey, thanks for sharing :-)