Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Day 2 Blues

Yes, that's right, the blues. Wow today was hard. Not hard in the sense that I wanted to eat everything... but hard as in detox symptoms to the extreme. I guess I didn't realize it would begin working so quickly and throwing toxins out. As they say, detox is retox.
It also occurred to me today that I should probably buy a scale, so that I can accurately describe everything happening to me on the cleanse... but i've avoided scales for so long, I'm not entirely sure yet.
I slept in like crazy this morning (for me) until about 9am. I could not get up for the life of me, and strangely I didn't feel hungry at all. I felt weak, slow, and my head felt fuzzy... but I also felt jittery. I slowly woke up and had a big glass of water and my morning encourage supplement. As soon as I finished drinking the water, the glass slipped from my hand and shattered all over the floor. Nice. That's supposed to be good luck, right?
Anyway, I had some tea and waited a little while before drinking my smoothie - I wanted to wait until I actually felt hungry, and it took a while. I'm wondering if this whole process is actually slowing my metabolism down. Not sure I like that.
I had the chocolate flavored nourish with blueberries and almond milk, and it was quite palatable this morning. I was feeling a little bit lighter even though I was still experiencing extreme detox symptoms.
I tried to rest and take it easy, pretty much just cleaned and poked around on the internet.
For lunch I made vegetables with red kidney beans and red quinoa with a sauce I made out of mustard, brown rice syrup, and coconut vinegar. It was pretty good. By that point the head fuzz had pretty much gone away, but I was still extremely lethargic.
Also, i've been unusually thirsty and drinking so many glasses of water that I've lost count. I guess that's my body telling me it needs water to flush out the toxins?
I've pretty much been a boring sloth and spent the rest of this lazy Saturday on the couch. Wow, I need to get a life.
After evening smoothie and pills (why do these damn evening pills always get stuck in my throat??) I'm feeling a lot better. My body feels nourished, i'm not jittery and I only have a very slight headache, but i'm still so tired even though i've been resting all day. it's 9:20pm and I'm thinking of getting into bed. Dear me.
I'm glad that I got through today, I hear that Day 2 for a lot of people is really a tough one. I'm hoping it will all be worth it in the end.

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